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Universities in France - All You Need to Know about

Universities in France offer the best of education globally, for the international students who are willing to expand their horizons both academically and career-wise. Students from all around the world flock to France, making it one of the most preferred study abroad destinations around the world. There are more than 300,000 international students in France, a testament to the quality of education in the Country.

International universities in France

The universities in the country are reputed all over the world. Most of the universities are government universities in France. These universities function under the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. However, you can find private universities as well. Naturally, in some of the top French universities, almost 30% of the students are from other countries.

Year by year France is trying to attract more and more students from outside the country. For Indian students and other students, there are plenty of options available in the country. There are some universities that are considered the best universities in France for international students.  Let us check some of the different lists of universities of the nation according to their suitability.

Public Universities in France:

The public universities in France are some of the most prestigious in the world. The universities in France are known for their education standards and research facilities. State universities in France Talking about non-technical courses, the arts and fashion is something that is prevalent all over the country, making courses related to them some of the best courses to choose. In short, from Science and Engineering to Arts and Fashion, there is something for everyone in France. Here are some of the top public universities of France: Here is the list of best public universities in France for international students:

Top public universities in France

Every year QS world university ranking releases a list of top-ranking universities in the whole world. The rankings of the universities are assessed based on factors such as their academic and employer reputations, research impact, etc. Here we have mentioned the top ten universities in France which are public universities:

France rank University QS World University Rankings 2023
1Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) 44
2Ecole Polytechnique 49
3Sorbonne University 72
4ENS Paris-Saclay 86
5Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon130
=6Ecole des Ponts ParisTech 245
=6Sciences Po Paris261
8Université de Paris261
9Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 290
10Université Grenoble Alpes 314

Private universities are not operated by the government of France. These are individually managed universities, they can have their own rules within the restrictions stated by the government. These french private universities cost a little higher than public universities. These universities maintain a high standard of quality education. Here we have listed a few of them:

French University Rankings:

In the top thousand universities listed by QS Rankings, there are 31 universities of France. 17 of those universities are in the Top 500. Among the European universities, French universities are some of the oldest and prestigious universities around. Here is the list of Top universities in France for international students:

Cheap universities in France for international students

The tuitions fee of the public Higher education institutions is low because the government of France subsidizes the university. We have mentioned below some of the low tuition fee universities in France :

Affordable universities in France

Here we have mentioned those universities which are not much cheap but yet affordable for the international students in France:

Universities in France that teach in English

It is true that universities there have started using the English language for directing students regardless of their local dialects. That means worldwide understudies would now be able to pursue all the courses in English even though their French is frail. Here is the list of English speaking universities in France

Universities in France without IELTS

Many French universities do not ask for a proficiency test score to prove your English Language abilities. The universities have their own criteria to test your language ability, and that does not include IELTS. You can study in English teaching universities in France, without submitting your IELTS scores. Here are a few of them:

Tuition free universities in France for international students

At present, even international students can study in France for free with the help of free public universities in France.  Foreign students have already paid much higher amounts for their education in France in the past. Students from other countries who cannot afford to study abroad in France can grab the opportunity of scholarships or can get admission into low tuition fees universities in France. Here is the list of scholarships in France:

Good universities in France according to the popular courses

France is well known for its education in almost all the courses. From the best MBA colleges in France to architecture universities in France, we have covered it all. Here we will try to cover all universities in France for different subjects:

Top engineering universities in France

Engineering is the most popular subject in France. Here is the list of the International students looking for engineering universities in the country:

For economics
For physics
Medicine universities in France
For biotechnology
For MIM, for masters in finance and for business
Best architecture universities in France
For masters in computer science and Technical universities in France

You will also find best law universities in France such as the University of Bordeaux, Queen Mary University of London etc. You can go choose France for humanities, for Psychology, for data science studies, for psychology as well.

Reasons to study in France

In some of the top-ranked universities in France, almost thirty percent of the students are from other countries. Here are the reasons:

Requirements to Study in France

The following documents will be needed to be submitted while applying:

You can also contact your nearest campus France office for assistance to get into France for studies. The entity helps international students with their whole journey from their home country to France for studies from choosing the University to the application for a student visa in France. Non-EU students from specific countries and for selected programs can apply to the French universities and study visas with the help of Campus France.

France, therefore, is the country to go to, if one wants to get a world-class education at reasonably affordable prices. So overall it is very clear as to why France can be a place for a student to attend a high-quality education at an affordable cost, and become fluent in the beautiful and internationally used French language. In some of the top-ranked universities in France, almost thirty percent of the students are from other countries.

Top Courses to Study in France

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